This Cosy Hostel In The Hills Of Rishikesh Offers Stays At Just ₹280 P/N

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Cosy Hostel In The Hills Of Rishikesh Offers Stays At Just ₹280 P/N

Have you ever stayed in a hostel on a trip? If no is the answer, then I would totally recommend you do that first! Being someone who has stayed in a hostel, I can vouch that this will surely be one of the best experiences of your lives, provided you choose the right one. Rishikesh, the “Yoga Capital of India,” is one such city in India that has many beautiful and affordable hostels. But the hostel I am talking about now is a little different. This cosy hostel in the hills of Rishikesh offers stays at only ₹280 per night. 

The Sweven Rishikesh: A Cosy Hostel in Rishikesh

Walk into this blissful hostel in Rishikesh, named the Sweven Rishikesh, and you will have a huge smile on your face. The reason for this is the vibrant and lively atmosphere. Every corner of the hostel is decorated with some of the most enchanting paintings or artwork, with every piece having a story behind it. It is simply an artistic paradise, with white walls adding to the effect. The next thing to wow you are the dorms, as they call them in the hostels. Standard rooms are also available if that is your preference. 

The rooms are adequate in size, have all of the necessary amenities, and are mostly decorated with art pieces and paintings. The prices start at just $280 per night for a single traveller. The place also offers “Work from Rishikesh” packages for people who wish to opt for a long stay. You can also check out their group booking option if you are a bunch of friends on your way to explore the beauty of Rishikesh.

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A Stay That Will Be Etched In Your Memory 

If you think this is it, well, here are many more things that make this hostel in Rishikesh the best one. The hostel has a beautiful and artistic cafe right on the ground floor, with the calmest vibes that make it the perfect place for a hot cup of coffee in the evening. The cafe, too, has many art pieces on the wall and some indoor games like darts and cards. The hostel is also pet-friendly, so you can bring your little cuties here as well.

They also have a common area where people from different parts of the world—diverse travellers who have opted to stay here—can jam up. They host various workshops and sessions like photography, a Bachata dance class, aerial yoga, and more to keep you engaged and push you to learn something new every day on your trip. The hostel also hosts stand-up comedy, book readings, music sessions, and more for their guests, which add to your blissful stay experience.

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Make sure you visit this place on your next visit to the yoga capital!

Cover Image Courtesy: @swevenrishikesh/Instagram