This Dubai Marina Restaurant Is Offering Unlimited Italian Lunch & Dinner Starting At Just AED 59

by Deeplata Garde
This Dubai Marina Restaurant Is Offering Unlimited Italian Lunch & Dinner Starting At Just AED 59

Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its simplicity and reliance on high-quality ingredients. From pizza to pasta, risotto to gelato, Italian cuisine offers an abundant taste. So what if you want to relish them all and not choose just one dish? This unlimited Italian lunch and dinner offer in Dubai Marina is a chef’s kiss!

Unlimited Italian Delights In Dubai Marina

Kir Gusto Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Dubai Marina, is celebrated for its authentic Italian cuisine. They interest you with an enticing proposition. An unlimited Italian lunch for just AED 59 and dinner for AED 99 await. This is an offer that’s hard to resist for anyone who appreciates the rich and diverse flavours of Italy.

At Kir Gusto Restaurant you can expect a delightful variety of these beloved dishes. The unlimited lunch and dinner offer allows you to sample a wide range of Italian culinary wonders. Whether you’re a fan of creamy risotto, flavorful pasta, or classic pizza, there’s something for everyone’s palette. From unlimited hot & cold Italian appetizers to Main courses and desserts this restaurant offers the best of Italian cuisine.

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What Sets Kir Gusto Restaurant Apart?

What sets this Italian restaurant apart is not just the food, but also the setting. The waterfront location provides a beautiful backdrop for a leisurely meal. Whether you’re looking to grab lunch during a busy day or planning a special dinner, Kir Gusto Restaurant offers an experience that combines good food with a great location. They have a unique conveyor belt that serves the dishes you order at your table.
Kir Gusto Restaurant has garnered acclaim from its visitors. Many have praised the freshness of the food, its exceptional quality, its elaborate menu, and customisable options. One reviewer on Zomato described it as “one of the best Italian experiences” they ever had. They were particularly impressed by the continuous flow of small portions of different Italian dishes, each one better than the previous.

Whether you’re trying their à la carte options or indulging in the ongoing Unlimited lunch and dinner plan, Kir Gusto Restaurant caters to every Italian food enthusiast. With its unbeatable offer and stunning location, it’s a culinary experience that promises to satisfy your taste buds and soothe your soul. Don’t miss out on this Italian feast in the heart of Dubai Marina.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kir Gusto Restaurant