This Eatery In Meerut Offers India’s Biggest Samosa That Requires 15 People To Finish It!

by Shreya Ghosh

Who doesn’t love to grab a bite of a hot and crunchy samosa? Samosa is a popular Indian snack and it is made with vegetables and spices stuffed inside an outer layer of flour and then deep-fried in hot oil. Most sweets and snacks shops sell samosas which are easy to hold and people often can gorge on multiple pieces. But the scenario of this fried snack is quite different in a shop in Meerut. Meerut’s ‘Kaushal Sweets’ is serving India’s biggest samosa and it will need at least a dozen of people to finish it entirely.

Kaushal Sweets Offers India’s Biggest Samosa!

Nestled in New Gupta Colony, Kalyan Vihar, Kaushal Sweets is the ultimate destination to witness and relish this humongous samosa. You can find 2 types of samosas here. The first one is the basic snack weighing 100 gm and it will cost you only ₹10. And the second type is the never seen before India’s largest samosa. This special massive snack is named ‘Aflatoon Samosa’ and weighs around 4 kg.

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It is no way possible to finish this huge fried snack with a few people. At least 10-15 people are required to eat this. This 4 kg-4.5kg aflatoon samosa costs ₹1,110.

How Do They Make This Enormous Snack?

To prepare this massive snack, they use the outer layer coating of flour dough weighing 1.5 kg. For the stuffing, they use a mixture of spicy potatoes weighing around 3 kg. They stuff everything inside nicely and seal the openings properly and then deep fry it in hot oil in a huge kadhai. The samosa is so huge that the entire thing does not dip in oil at once. They prepare it using several techniques so that the snack doesn’t crack or break. It takes almost half an hour to fry and get that brown rust completely.

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Some of Kaushal Sweet’s famous food items are kachori, ras malai, jalebi, imarti, barfi, namkeen, and much more.

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