This Eco-Friendly 400 Sq. Ft. Ethereal Dome In Kamshet Comes With A Plunging Pool And Serene Views

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Eco-Friendly 400 Sq. Ft. Ethereal Dome In Kamshet Comes With A Plunging Pool And Serene Views

After a very hectic work week, being in touch with nature and connecting with your inner self will calm you. Kamshet, a village near Pune, Maharashtra, is the perfect place to wind down and let go of your excess stress. It is famous for paragliding and is often known as a paraglider’s paradise. If you are planning a weekend getaway with your buddies to Kamshet then book this extremely beautiful eco-friendly dome and have the time of your life.

Ethereal Dome In Kamshet Is An Eco-Friendly Staycation Destination

Image Credits: Airbnb

This unique and eco-friendly mud house dome is a perfect getaway, nestled between two Gulmohar trees. You will be pleased to see this mud dome beautifully adorned with small, vibrantly coloured, abstract paintings. It is completely detached from urban civilisation and offers lush green views!

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The bedroom has a subtle rustic crimson colour and warm yellow lighting which set the perfect mood for evenings! Their handmade plunge pool, which has a glass rooftop gives fireflies, sunrise and starry night views. Isn’t that a sight that you should see once in a lifetime while enjoying the pool?

Eco-Friendly Part Doesn’t Just Stop With The Mud House

Image Credits: Airbnb

The mud houses are not the only eco-friendly aspect of this destination. Interestingly, they are also solar-powered and have an extra backup for solar energy. On Thursdays, there is a power cut, so the saved-up solar energy can go till night time as well.

The property has stunning views from every corner, so go and explore the pretty sunsets and sunrises. You will always be immersed in nature when you are at the Ethereal Dome.

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A pro tip: this can be an ideal place to plan your next romantic getaway or for your proposal. This unique Ethereal Dome is waiting to be graced by your presence. Now, don’t think and click here to book ASAP!

Where: Kamshet, Maharashtra
Amenities: Free parking, Wi-Fi, indoor private pool with a glass roof, three-time meals and more
How To Reach: Kamshet Railway Station is the closest to the property.
Prices: ₹5,000/night

Cover Image Credits: Airbnb