This Eco-Tourism Village In Jharkhand Houses The Revived Art Of Paitkar Painting

Amadubi, The Eco-Tourism Village In Jharkhand that Houses The Revived Art Of Paitkar Paintings by Chitrakars

by Nikitha Sebastian
This Eco-Tourism Village In Jharkhand Houses The Revived Art Of Paitkar Painting

Nestled amidst Jharkhand’s verdant landscapes lies the unassuming village of Amadubi. This hidden gem, roughly 60 kilometres from Jamshedpur, boasts a rich cultural heritage centred on the captivating art of Paitkar scroll painting.

A Legacy Of Paitkar Scroll Painting

For generations, skilled Chitrakars (painters) have used natural elements like leaves and tree bark as their canvas. Their brushes? Often needles or goat hair, they meticulously craft vibrant narratives on these unique surfaces. The word “Paitkar” itself derives from “Patekar,” the local term for these talented artists.

The themes depicted in Paitkar’s paintings are as captivating as the process itself. Traditional subjects dominate, with scenes from epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata alongside local folklore and village life. Each scroll unfolds like a storybook, bursting with colour and symbolism. These artworks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve as historical records, offering a glimpse into the beliefs and traditions of the local community.

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Reviving Tradition Through Eco-Tourism

Amadubi’s artistic legacy extends beyond these stunning scrolls. The village itself is a living museum of tribal culture. Visitors can witness the artistic process firsthand, observing the Chitrakars as they meticulously bring their visions to life. The opportunity to interact with these artisans and learn about their time-honoured craft adds an enriching layer to the experience.

Thankfully, efforts are underway to preserve and promote this unique art form. The Jharkhand Tourism Department, in collaboration with NGOs like Kalamandir, has actively promoted Amadubi as a rural tourism destination. This initiative aims to not only showcase the village’s artistic heritage but also provide sustainable opportunities for the local community. Tourists can immerse themselves in village life, witness traditional dances like Baha, Sarhul, and Dasai, and even purchase authentic Paitkar paintings directly from the artists.

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A visit to Amadubi is more than just a tourist experience; it’s a journey into the heart of Jharkhand’s artistic soul. Every scroll, imbued with generations of tradition, tells a story waiting to be discovered. So, if you seek an off-the-beaten-track adventure filled with cultural immersion and artistic appreciation, Amadubi awaits.

Cover Image Courtesy: Rural Tourism Centre, Amadubi-Panijiya/ Facebook

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