This Emirati Man Cycled Through The 7 Emirates In Just 11 Hours & 53 Minutes In The Dubai Fitness Challenge

by Shrestha Purkayastha

The Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) 2021 is already underway, and the city is on its toes. For the current edition of DFC, residents and tourists are absorbed in tying their shoelaces. With personal issues, residents go above and beyond. Along with some amazing human stories that have been shared on social media. Each of them has accepted the challenge of living a healthy lifestyle.

A teen runs 10 kilometres every day! For a good cause, a runner is running 30 half-marathons! And now there’s a 33-year-old who has his own Dubai Fitness Challenge challenge. The Irish/Emirati family is on a weight-loss journey. to improve one’s health And he encourages everyone to use Instagram to get involved. In under 11 hours and 53 minutes, Khalid Al Majar cycled around the seven emirates. That’s a distance of 321 kilometres! Dayum! What a sense of accomplishment!

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Khalid Trained Two Months Of Relentless Cycling To Attain His Stamina

Khalid’s goal was to push himself beyond of his comfort zone. He desired to go through an experience that was out of the ordinary. To both challenge himself and urge others to get in shape. He clearly had a difficult time in the beginning. To compete in a 100k ride, he had to fight hard. However, as the saying goes, “consistency is the mark of the unimaginative!” Khalid had a good reason for it. His stamina was boosted by two months of nonstop riding, which included long rides.

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The Last Lap Of The Ride Was The Hardest

Furthermore, the ease with which he balanced and maintained everything is worthy of admiration. He also kept track of his nutrition and stayed hydrated to avoid weariness and cramping. When asked about the extraordinary performance, Khalid admitted that the last 40 kilometres were the most difficult. He went on to say that the most painful part of the journey was going uphill. He was so hot that he didn’t think he’d make it to the finish line. And it is now clear enough to infer that boldness and pure drive are the keys to bringing him what he had envisioned. He has, after all, proven to be one of the countless examples that keep reminding you why you started. The moment you remember the voice behind that ‘why,’ the conclusion no longer seems so far away.

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