This Farm-To-Table Restaurant Is The Only New Place In LA To Be Given A Michelin Star This Year

by Mallika Khurana
This Farm-To-Table Restaurant Is The Only New Place In LA To Be Given A Michelin Star This Year

Even if we haven’t had the chance to dine at a Michelin-star restaurant, we are all very well aware of its glory. An exceptional parameter for restaurants, these stars are prestigious. Every restaurant and chef looks forward to achieving this honour and adding to their reputation in the industry. Michelin recently announced the 2023 list of starred California restaurants, and Long Beach’s Heritage is a new and amazing addition to the Los Angeles region. This restaurant and farm offer a multi-course tasting menu, source food from a nearby urban farm, and operate in a converted Craftsman-style home. Along with Heritage, Oceanside’s Valle, an exquisite Mexican eatery in the Mission Pacific Hotel, is also part of this lineup in Southern California. 

Heritage In LA Received A New Michelin Star

California received six new one-star restaurants, with four located in Northern California. Chez Noir in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Nari and Aphotic in San Francisco, and Auro in Calistoga made it to the prestigious guide. The 2022 guide, published seven months ago, added 8 new stars in Los Angeles, one at Caruso’s in Montecito, and a third star for San Diego’s Addison—making it the only location in the area to receive Michelin’s top honour. 

Southern California’s two recent additions fall short compared to the previous publication. Hatchet Hall and Phenakite lost their Michelin stars within six months. Hollywood’s Providence kept both its stars and received a Green Star for sustainability. The guide also presented special awards, including one for exceptional cocktails at Kato’s, which retained its star. All other Los Angeles restaurants kept their current stars as well.

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It Is The Most Influential Dining Guide

The stars are given to restaurants based on anonymous and rigorous evaluations conducted by professional Michelin inspectors. A restaurant receives one star if it is considered to be “a very good restaurant in its category.” This means the establishment offers high-quality cuisine and is worth a visit. A restaurant is awarded two stars if it is recognised as having “excellent cuisine, worth a detour.” The highest honour is three stars, given to restaurants with “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.” 

The Michelin Guide has a reputation for being meticulous and impartial in its evaluations. The inspectors remain anonymous to ensure objectivity, and their assessments cover various aspects, including the quality of ingredients, culinary techniques, creativity, consistency, and overall dining experience.

Chefs and restaurateurs worldwide aim to earn these prestigious stars as a symbol of excellence.

Cover Image Courtesy: Website/Heritage Restaurant