This Gurugram Girl Who Started Baking For Her Dog Earns ₹18 Lakhs By Running A Bakery For Pets

by Shreya Ghosh
This Gurugram Girl Who Started Baking For Her Dog Earns ₹18 Lakhs By Running A Bakery For Pets

Our lives can change in so many ways we cannot even imagine of! The smallest of things can lead our lives to take a turn and build something we never think of. Such is the story of Yashika Arora, the founder of Paw Petisserie. Just live every paw parent, Cristo is the star of Yashika’s eyes. And her love for Cristo and the will to feed her pet dog biscuits, cakes, and treats is the story behind this successful venture of her bakery, Paw Petisserie.

Yashika Runs A Bakery For Pets!

Yashika loves to bake since always and she wanted to feed her pooch all these delicious treats too. But the baked food items available in the market are not good for dogs and hence she embarked on the journey of baking for her little one and treating Cristo with the best lip-smacking cakes, cupcakes, and more. Yashika started preparing these treats using dog-safe and pet-safe ingredients in 2016 and slowly it escalated into the bakery business. In the beginning, she made all these high-quality things to pamper and feed Cristo, and as her friends and family started to know about it, they wanted these healthy treats for their pooches as well. This is how her journey with this bakery venture started and now it is flourishing successfully.

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When she started getting calls for orders from her relatives, friends, and even strangers, she realised the gap in the market and started working accordingly. She understood that there are many pet parents who want the best treats for their paw friends and soon she started learning more about this industry. Yashika interacted with vets and dog parents and learned about more pet-safe ingredients and how she can add more choices to the menu. During the mid of 2017, she started her bakery, Paw Petisserie.

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Yashika Left Her Job To Join The Family Business

Yashika started her professional career as a UX designer. She worked as a UX designer in Pune for a couple of years. After some time, she understood that this is not something that she wants to do and she decided to return back to Delhi. Yashika came to Delhi because she wanted to join her family business but little did she know that her life is soon going to take a turn to her own business. Her bakery now offers brownies, cakes, cupcakes, ice creams, and jerkies for pets. You can order cakes in veg and non-veg as well. In fact, there are plenty of options on the menu for both dogs and cats.