This Indian Eatery In UK Delivered Food Till France Via Private Plane

by Yashasvi Shaktawat

Under 140 Characters

Imagine food being flown over 800 kilometres and delivered to 30 British expats in France via a chartered plane in the UK. The Akash Restaurant is one-of-a-kind.

What Is It?

This Indian restaurant in England’s Portsmouth delivered food in a private plane to France to honour its policy of free delivery for orders above £12 (around ₹1,000). Think we need more restaurants like these?

Getting your favourite food delivered to you was no longer a problem for this man, pilot James Emery who took the 500-mile journey with his friends to deliver food from the Akash Restaurant.

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This delivery included 89 meals, 70 side dishes, 75 portions of rice and mango chutney. The place it got all this delicious food delivered to was 800 kilometres away in Bordeaux in France.

Now that is some intense restaurant delivery that we’d all want.

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