This Indian Restaurant In England Challenges Foodies To Finish 7Kg Thali In 1 Hour

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Indian Restaurant In England Challenges Foodies To Finish 7Kg Thali In 1 Hour

You must be privy to alot of food challenges on the internet. In India, Thali challenges have been very popular.  A restaurant in England has also joined the bandwagon. Lily’s Vegetarian Indian Cuisine challenges foodies to finish the Grand Thali weighing a whopping 7 kg in just 1 hour. So read on to know more about this challenge and let your friends in Manchester plan a trip to feast on the great Indian thali.

Lily’s Vegetarian Indian Cuisine In England Challenges People To Finish 7Kg Thali

The restaurant named Lily’s Vegetarian Indian Cuisine in Ashton, Greater Manchester serves a whopping “Grand Thali”. This thali consists of 50 dishes served on a 24-inch platter weighing over 7 kg. If you’re craving delicious Indian food then take up the challenge to demolish this lip-smacking thali within the time span of 1 hour. When it comes to the dishes, there are 8 types of rotis, 3 varieties of rice, 16 curries and sabzi, 3 dips, 6 desserts, 2 Lassis and 2 savoury snacks. It’s priced at £35  (₹3,611).

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indian restaurant has 7 kg thali
Picture Credits: Manchester Evening News

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No Food Went To Waste; Leftovers Were Parcelled For Customers

On August 4, three fodies took up the challenge. However, the thali was too big of a feast for them to overcome. A Mirror report revealed that 39-year-old Josh Sanders is a regular customer at this restaurant. He was able to single-handedly eat up to 3 kg of food. But just like him even other contestants like Tom Eastham and Leigh Drennan also failed to pass this challenge.

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indian restaurant has 7 kg thali
Picture Credits: Facebook/Lily’s Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

Fortunately, no food whet to waste. All participants entering the challenge must take home the food they couldn’t eat in one hour. Meanwhile, here in Pune, foodies must feast on the Grand Baahubali Thali. It’s truly larger than life.