This Indie Pup And His Parent Have Travelled For 130 Days Covering 3,000 Km On A Cycle

by Shreya Shriyan
This Indie Pup And His Parent Have Travelled For 130 Days Covering 3,000 Km On A Cycle

If you’re a dog lover or a pet parent who was looking for some motivation to travel with their pup, here’s your sign. This indie pup travelling with its pet parents against all odds will make you go “aww”. Or maybe “paww”? Sorry, we had to try! But, without further adieu here is the story of a brave indie pup setting the trail with his parent on a cycle!

Indie Pup And His Parent Travel For 130 Days Using Cycle


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In a unique adventure, an indie pup has been reported to join their daring pet parent on a cross-country journey. Travelling on a cycle, this heartwarming expedition highlights the strong bond between the brave dog and its adventurous human companion. 

For the last 130 days, @foto_peedika has been on a journey covering more than 3,000 kilometres, reported The Hindu. He initiated his bicycle adventure in Kannur, Kerala, and has now reached Kashmir. Preferring to be known by his Instagram handle, he keeps his identity undisclosed to safeguard his privacy. 

The purpose of his solo bicycle expedition, named ‘Save the Earth,’ spans India to Nepal and Bhutan, aiming to raise awareness about plastic pollution. While the plan remains, the presence of Charlie, who joined him on the journey, has caused schedule adjustments, reported The Hindu. 

Despite the changes and difficulties, @foto_peedika insists on having Charlie as a companion, refusing to leave him behind. He created a steel mesh box for plastic bottles, which now serves as Charlie’s spot, stated the report.

How Has The Journey Been So Far?


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They faced several challenges, like theft of their belongings and phone, during their Punjab journey, reported The Hindu. But this did not deter them from their journey. Charlie’s size has also reportedly increased since June. Jokingly, @foto_peedika mentions how he might possibly need to discard his bag due to Charlie’s rapid growth.

With 140k Instagram followers, he shares his trip’s adventures closely with his followers. The 22-year-old rescued Charlie, a few months old pup, from Mumbai, said the report. He makes sure his four-legged companion is always comfortable. 

The pet parent carries dog food and watches Charlie’s diet, stated the report. The human-pup duo also reportedly share a tent and cycle during cooler times. While speaking with The Hindu, @foto_peedika said he even talks to Charlie and feels less lonely with him around. 

In their inspiring journey, @foto_peedika and Charlie showcase adventure and togetherness. Their mission to raise awareness about plastic pollution keeps resonating with a growing online audience. 

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As they navigate challenges and diverse landscapes, their strong bond highlights the special human-canine connection.

Cover image credits: @foto_peedika / Instagram