This Is Probably Dubai’s Most Favourite Street Food!

by Dhruv Maniar
This Is Probably Dubai’s Most Favourite Street Food!

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Indulge In traditional Emirati dessert luqaimat In Dubai which is a local dessert of the United Arab Emirates which literally means mouthful.  

What Is It?

When in Dubai, one must try the local sweet Luqaimat. It’s a deep-fried crispy dumpling that isn’t sweet by itself & so it’s drizzled with honey or date syrup according to taste. Luqaimat is an Arabic word that literally means ‘bite-sized’.  Crunchy on the outside soft & airy in the middle, it is often dipped in date syrup & served garnished with sesame seeds. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, it is one of the favourite dishes to break during their Iftar. It is made from buttermilk, sugar, flour, saffron & cardamom and it is also known as the gateway of Emirati desserts. These delicious crispy dumplings may look small & harmless but each ball of luqaimat has about 46 calories so 6 of these covered in syrup would pack up about 280 calories.