This Is What Pushed Ashneer Grover To Lose Weight, Right After Shark Tank Season 1

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is What Pushed Ashneer Grover To Lose Weight, Right After Shark Tank Season 1

Ashneer Grover, former co-founder of BharatPe, shot to online fame through the TV show, Shark Tank. He was one of the best judges who would showcase the real picture of your business and not shy away from telling the truth. His marketing and monetary gimmicks made him win hearts and minds. Ashneer joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for a mindful episode of the Sunday Brunch. Being tagged as ‘Mota wala Shark’ on the first season of Shark Tank made him lose the excess weight.

Ashneer Grover Lost Weight Due To This Reason After Shark Tank Season 1

Kamiya very subtly mentioned that Ashneer Grover is from Delhi and Delhiites have another level of love for food. Delhiites are probably smirking at this comment. We put up a genuine question to him regarding his favourite food dishes to indulge in. In response, he said, “When I went on Shark Tank, I probably had the highest weight I ever had.”

He continued that when someone is so extensively focused on constructing something bigger and better which is his company, it becomes all-consuming. Other things, like having healthy food, become secondary. Ashneer Grover said that blind indulgence in eating fast food keeps on piling up the calories and hence, becomes harmful.

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According to him, he was not under the category of overweight or fat. He thought that Peyush Bansal was fat and laughed as he said it. But then he saw himself on the television and realised that he was the fattest out of a whole lot of Shark Tank judges. He told us that people were referring to him as ‘Mota wala Shark’ if they were not aware of his name. That is when it hit him that he needs to lose weight.

Is He A Vegetarian Or A Non-Vegetarian?

Ashneer Grover
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Finally, Ashneer Grover told us about his favourite food item after narrating the entire story. “I used to love chicken. I think tandoori chicken was my favourite dish” he said. Notice how he mentioned it in the past sense? This made us further question him about his vegetarian journey.

He explained to us why he suddenly turned vegetarian and it made us all a little sentimental. He said that his dad was a hardcore non-vegetarian lover. His dad passed away in March and after that, he never really wanted to or had cravings for non-veg food. Therefore, he left it completely. We are not sure if Ashneer did this to pay respect to his father or has given up on it because it was a thing that his father loved. Whatever it is, we are just sentimental with this information.

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What is interesting is that Ashneer Grover didn’t even think he was overweight. The Internet and people can really be mean sometimes and make you do various things. In this case, it was a good thing because he journeyed towards being fit. Comment down below if you have undergone any major body transformations and what you followed to maintain a fit and healthy body.

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