This Is When Sachin Tendulkar Almost Picked Up An Australian Accent

by Mallika Khurana
This Is When Sachin Tendulkar Almost Picked Up An Australian Accent

n With countless awards and unending support from cricket fans, Sachin Tendulkar is truly a record-breaking cricketer. The legendary sportsman may have left the game, but he never left people’s hearts. Be it through his special media presence or other ventures, he keeps his fans entertained. He joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, on our 100th Sunday Brunch episode to share his childhood and his future plans. Watch the video to learn more!

Sachin Tendulkar Almost Acquired An Aussie Accent

The two food items that he enjoys most are vada pav and seafood. Even his social media accounts are devoted to the food he loves. He kept gushing about how much he loved food and how he frequently overindulged at his favourite restaurant, Fresh Catch, and then it was time to talk sports. Sachin spoke at length about his life’s journey, his work, the sport, and his retirement. He told us many anecdotes, one of which involved his first cricket salary and his almost-achievement of conquering an Australian accent.

When Sachin Tendulkar visited Australia in 1991–1992, he received his first significant paycheck. In total, he was paid 1L, of which 70,000 were for the Australian series and the tri-series and the remaining 30,000 were for the World Cup. Another significant win he almost brought back home was an Aussie accent. He said that if he had spent just one more week there, there would have been no going back. He also joked that his family wouldn’t have been able to make sense of whatever he said in those days.

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He Talked About The Superstitions Associated With Cricket

Sachin Sunday Brunch
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We asked him about any rituals or superstitions he had while playing after he shared his outlook on life and the value of experiences. He said that athletes would never admit to having superstitions; rather, they would refer to their practises as habits.

He was accustomed to putting on the left leg’s pad first whenever he entered the field for a game. Another habit was that he made it a point that none of his live games would be attended by his family. He admitted that his brother often watched his games at the stadium, but he always made sure Sachin could not see him. Over the years, even his wife hardly ever attended any of his matches.

Head to the episode to learn more about other revelations Sachin Tendulkar made about his life!

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