This Is Why Neeru Bajwa Doesn’t Prefer Performing Live On Stage

Stage fright is real.

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is Why Neeru Bajwa Doesn’t Prefer Performing Live On Stage

Neeru Bajwa, the talented and pretty Canadian actress, joined our Sunday Brunch episode with the spectacular singer, Diljit Dosanjh. They starred opposite each other in Jatt & Juliet flicks and were with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, to discuss their third film in this franchise. We also learned that while Paaji doesn’t have issues with performing live on stage, Neeru has severe stage fright.

Neeru Bajwa Avoids Performing On Live Stage

We have seen Diljit jump around, dance, and sing during his concerts and were interested to know if Neeru is also chirpy on the stage. She couldn’t help but giggle and hide her face behind her hand. Diljit shared that they did live tours for Jatt & Juliet and he discovered that she is more suitable for off-stage events.

Then, Neeru added that she fears the stage immensely. So much so, that the moment someone hands her a microphone, she becomes terrified and feels like throwing up. Recalling her first few live shows for the Jatt & Juliet tour, she told us that her discomfort was heightened by the small stage setup.

It was then that Diljit caught her uncomfortable while performing live on stage and suggested avoiding it when possible. Do you relate to Neeru?

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This Is How She Described Kebabs!


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We played a fun food game with our celebrity guests called ‘Heads Up’. We had food placards and it was Neeru’s turn to describe the dish on the placard held by Diljit. It was a picture of Shami Kebabs and she described using the popular Hindi idiom, ‘Kabaab mein haddi’!

Neeru explained it as someone who comes in between a couple sitting together. He thought for a while and guessed the correct answer. Everyone applauded while he celebrated his quick thinking by calling himself brilliant. Oh voh toh tussi ho hi ji!

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