This Is Why Vidya Balan Loves Japan, A Country She Spent 2 Weeks In

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is Why Vidya Balan Loves Japan, A Country She Spent 2 Weeks In

Vidya Balan is the bubbliest person we have ever come across. She is down to earth and very happily lights up any place she is in. Vidya doesn’t follow entertainment, entertainment follows her. Recently, Vidya Balan joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for this exciting Sunday Brunch episode. She spoke about her new film, Neeyat, which was released on July 7, her childhood memories, Chembur, and more. Watch the whole video below!

Vidya Balan Loves Japan And Spent 2 Weeks There

Vidya Balan loves travelling very much. She can’t wait to explore new places and enjoy every nook and corner of a place. Kamiya asked her which place on earth she undoubtedly loved exploring. To that, Vidya elatedly replied, “I love Japan!” She said she was completely mesmerised by the country. One of the reasons was that it was extremely clean.

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She goes on to say that it was neat and tidy, so much so that she tagged it as the cleanest place on the earth. She spent two pretty weeks in Japan, wherein she never found any loo dirty. No pieces of paper, empty cigarette packets, wrappers, and other trash objects were found on the street. 

Vidya further lets us in on another interesting practice the people of Japan follow. It is to carry their trash bags. Wherever they are going, they dump their trash into bags, take it home and then dispose of it. This sounds like an amazing practice and everyone in India should make a habit of it! 

She Talks About Her First Paycheck 

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It was for a Kerala Tourism print advertisement. They had to capture a South Indian family under the coconut trees. Vidya recalls that she was paid ₹500 for a print ad. She was over the moon to have received that amount for just posing and smiling for a photo. It was a very huge achievement for her.

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Check out the whole video to know which is Vidya’s favourite place to travel in India, and you should plan a trip there soon.

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