This Is World’s First AI-Powered Grill With 5 Cooking Modes; Costs ₹2.9 L

by Shreya Ghosh
This Is World’s First AI-Powered Grill With 5 Cooking Modes; Costs ₹2.9 L

Artificial intelligence has penetrated so many fields functioning all around us. From writing to editing videos to programming, designing, automating tasks, gaming, and banking, AI is capturing a huge part of different industries. And now the time has come for AI to enter and leave a significant mark in the cooking industry as well. A startup company has launched a one-of-a-kind grill and it looks quite impressive.

Let’s Get To Know This New Cooking Machine

Here are some sneak peeks shared by the company.


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Seergrills is a much-talked-about startup based in the United Kingdom. The company is all set to revolutionise many cooking methods with the brand-new AI-powered grill ‘Perfecta’. It looks like just like the name, the job of Perfecta is to make our lives perfect. This grill is powered using artificial intelligence and it is here to help cooks to cook meals a lot faster than usual.

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‘Tell Perfecta what you want and how you want it, and enjoy a perfectly cooked meal in minutes’, the company has added to the website. Calling it a personal AI chef, Seergrills mentioned that Perfecta is the fastest grill in the world and has the ability to cook meals up to 10 times faster than the time consumed in conventional cooking.

One of the most amazing features of the grill is the inclusion of NeuralFire technology. It takes the help of dual vertical infrared burners, which cook food at 1652ºF. Also, it works with a combination of AI algorithms and smart sensors and this is a major boost in cooking food faster. Cooks can cook food to perfection in less than 3 minutes.

Benefits Of Using Perfecta, The Famous Grill

Here are some more sneak peeks shared by the startup company.


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The AI-powered grill not only cuts cooking time but also helps in preparing delish and succulent dishes. It retains the moisture of food and ensures that ingredients get cooked well on the inside too. AI and the NeuralFire technology come together to save energy as well. Constructed with durable stainless steel and ceramic glass on the outside, this grill comes with 5 modes; Grill, Oven, Pizza, Rotisserie, and Chef modes.

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You need to spend $3,500 (about INR ₹2.9 lakhs) to buy this. Is this something that you would like to add to your kitchen?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ SEERGRILLS (@seergrills)