No More Cooking Inside Mumbai’s Railway Station Platforms; CR Imposes Ban

by Mallika Khurana
No More Cooking Inside Mumbai’s Railway Station Platforms; CR Imposes Ban

In response to a recent safety concern, the Central Railway (CR) in Mumbai has taken a decisive step to enhance passenger safety and prevent potential accidents. Following an incident where an induction stove caught fire at Byculla station, the CR authorities have imposed a ban on cooking inside railway station platforms. This new policy prohibits food stall vendors from using hot plates. Use of induction stoves, or any other electric cooking equipment on the platforms will not be allowed.

Central Railway Implements Cooking Ban On Railway Platform

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The CR authorities have emphasised the importance of revising the menu to eliminate the need for on-platform cooking. Food stalls at railway stations have traditionally offered passengers travelling on local trains access to decent and reasonably priced food. Previously, food vendors used gas stoves for cooking. However, this practice was discontinued in August 2018 in favour of electric stoves. 

According to the policy guidelines, there should be no cooking on platforms at suburban stations. Catering licensees have also been instructed to refrain from cooking on platforms. As per Hindustan Times reports, the circular also prohibits the presence of any cooking equipment in stalls or trolleys at suburban stations. This includes electric stoves and induction cookers as well.

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Rules Revamped After Byculla Station Incident

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Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This decision follows the minor fire incident at Byculla station, where an induction electric stove caught fire. Fortunately, it was promptly extinguished using fire extinguishers. CR issued a circular on the same day to all station managers and commercial inspectors, addressing the ban on cooking equipment on platforms.

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Despite this policy change, commuters continue to enjoy food at these stalls. The staff here now use electric stoves, fryers, and induction equipment to prepare meals. Food items which require heating and frying, remain popular among passengers and are typically stored in glass containers on the counters. According to reports from the Hindustan Times, food stall owners on the Central Railway are currently in discussions with rail officials to find a compromise that meets the demands of commuters for hot and warm food while ensuring safety and compliance with the new policy.

Certainly, Mumbai’s Central Railway has taken a proactive step to prioritize passenger safety.

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