A Desi Eatery Is Selling ‘Girl Sandwiches’ Instead Of ‘Grill’ & The Internet Is Wondering Who Is Vandana!

by Sanjana Shenoy
A Desi Eatery Is Selling ‘Girl Sandwiches’ Instead Of ‘Grill’ & The Internet Is Wondering Who Is Vandana!

Trust Indian eateries to accidentally make typos on their signboards— that are downright hilarious — and provide fodder for memers! Some hysterical eatery signboards read, ‘Visitable Juice’, ‘Breakfast, Launch, Dinner’, ‘Veg Moms and Cheken Moms’. Well, if this wasn’t enough, a Twitterati posted a picture of a desi eatery serving ‘Girl Sandwiches’ and the Internet is left wondering, who is Vandana? Didn’t get us, read on to ROFL!

‘Girl Sandwiches’ Sold In Eatery Amuses Netizens

Sumita Pahwa (@SumitaPahwa) shared a picture of the desi eatery’s menu on Twitter. And once you see the items they’re serving you’d wonder if it’s a typo or cannibalism. In our defence, we can’t rule out all the options, right? From what looks like it, this could be an eatery in Gujarat. So, what are they actually serving that is grabbing eyeballs on social media?

The eatery serves’ Girl Sandwich’. They have a variety of ‘girl’ sandwiches like ‘Veg Girl Sandwich’, ‘Jain Cheese Girl Sandwich’, ‘Italian Cheese Sandwich’, ‘Mashroom Cheese Girl’, ‘Paneer Cheese Girl’ and even ‘Paneer Shezwan Girl’. While this menu is quite alarming, it’s quite obvious that this eatery misspelt ‘grill’ with ‘girl’. We understand!

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Who Is Vandana?

But here’s where things get interesting! One of the dishes served here is called ‘Spe. Fresh Vandana’. So, who is Vandana and what is Vandana? Trust Twitteratis to answer this question for you. Tweeple started speculating on what it meant. While a couple of Twitteratis commented that it’s perhaps the stall’s name. Another wondered if it’s actually ‘Vada Pav’ that’s misspelt. Then again one hilariously commented that Vandana must be a complex person since they’re hard to figure out!

Prashant Jain gave an answer that seemed closer to the truth. He commented that Vandana could be ‘Vatana’ which means peas in Gujarati. Genius! Meanwhile, @AnirudhBehera5 was pretty shocked about the desi eatery selling ‘girl’ sandwiches. He sarcastically commented that selling this dish on the menu can only mean one of three things — brothel, human trafficking hub or cannibalistic restaurant.

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Now, things just got quite dark before we could even notice! Well, what do you think about these ‘girl sandwiches’ have you ever come across unusual dish names on menus?

Cover Image Courtesy: @SumitaPahwa/ Twitter and Canva