This June, Witness NYC Celebrating Its Immigrants In Citywide Series At The Queens Night Market

by Shreya Rathod
This June, Witness NYC Celebrating Its Immigrants In Citywide Series At The Queens Night Market

New York, popularly known as the Big Apple, is a commercial centre. However, not many people are aware of it being a cultural capital, too! Yes, you will find people from different communities and cultures living in harmony and celebrating their unity. It is a known fact that the city was built on the perseverance of immigrants. And they are honouring the contribution with a citywide initiative at Queens Night Market!

NYC Queens Night Market Is Celebrating Its Immigrants!

queens night market
Credits: Queens Night Market/ Facebook (Rep Img)

This June, Queens Night Market will lead the second annual “This Is NY: Celebrating Our Immigrant Heritage and Communities” series. It is a month-long citywide project with partnerships and programmes that celebrates the contributions of the different immigrant groups in the city.

The programme will feature various book talks, oral history exhibits, outdoor concerts, and more. It will also feature walking tours of Elmhurst, Queens, and Manhattan’s Harlem, a movie screening at the Museum of Chinese in America and a family-friendly Dragon Boat festival. Additionally, there will be a fair featuring Juneteenth, One Love Little Caribbean Day vendors and traditions, and a night of live Jewish music.

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According to the press release, John Wang, founder of Queens Night Market, stated that this is their second year leading “This Is NY”. He further hopes, in the long run, it develops into a citywide tool that aids in celebrating the immigrant heritage and immigrant New Yorkers who contribute to the city’s lively, rich culture in terms of food, art, and ideas.

Collaboration With United Nations Refugee Agency

queens night market
Credits: Queens Night Market/ Facebook

In addition, Queen Night Market will collaborate with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) as part of the ‘This Is NY’ series to celebrate World Refugee Day. They aim to bring attention to all those who have been forced to leave their homes due to the fear of persecution, conflict, or violence.

The market will feature the culinary traditions of merchants on Saturday, June 17, such as Nomad Dumplings, Blintz Box, Cambodianow, and Nansense, which are either managed by refugees or other forcibly displaced people. The Brooklyn Nomads and other musicians who have been forcibly displaced will perform live in addition to the delicious cuisine.

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In addition, they promised to contribute 33% of the event’s net earnings to charity.

Cover Image Courtesy: Queens Night Market/ Facebook (Rep Img)