This Kerala Woman Travels The World With The Modest Income Of Her Grocery Shop

Travels The World
by Sanmita A
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Wish to travel? All you need is a little motivation, some financial planning and the will to travel the world. A woman from Kerala travelled places – not only in India but internationally with the income she earned from her grocery shop. Well, things do work out if you follow your dreams. Molly Joy is a 61-year-old who has travelled to destinations like London, New York and many other destinations in India with the help of tour operators. She decided to travel the world after her neighbour first asked her if she wanted to accompany them on a journey.

Molly Joy Travelled 11 Countries In 10 Years

With the income for a grocery store from her neighbourhood in Chitrapuzha, Molly accumulated some savings and travelled the world. Her first trip was by road with her neighbours, further encouraging her to expand her travel plans. Initially, Molly went to nearby places like Palani, Madurai, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Mysuru and Kovalam and then, in the year 2012, Molly Joy boarded her first place abroad. After Molly’s husband died, all responsibilities fell on her. Later, after her son was employed and her daughter married, Molly decided to pursue her travelling dreams.


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Molly Travels The World, Now Plans To Explore Kerala

Molly never took a loan. However, she would pawn her jewellery at times. She has, over the years, spent 10 lakh on her travel and paid back the loan with the earnings from her grocery store. Travel magazines inspired her to travel abroad. Her ability to draw out the perfect financial plans has helped her travel to more countries. Although Molly does wish that she knew the English language better, her favourite destination is London. She received education only till Class X.

Now, Molly wishes to travel the places closer to her home. She wants to explore Kerala’s gems like the backwaters of Allapuzha, Wayanad and Kollam. She believes that the best thing about travelling in Kerala is that it is affordable.

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