This Magical Cave In Ladakh Freezes Everything Naturally, Even In Summers

by Vinita Jain
This Magical Cave In Ladakh Freezes Everything Naturally, Even In Summers

Ladakh is a pristine region of India that houses many hidden gems. One of them has to be Turtuk village. It is believed that till 1970 Turtuk was with Pakistan and then it came to India. Turtuk is India’s northernmost jewel and it is home to a magical cave. The cave with a severely cold atmosphere can also convert water into ice.

Know More About This Magical Cave

Magical Cave
Picture Credit: Pexels

Located in the Nubra Valley of the Ladakh region, Turtuk is a famous village cut off by the Shyok River. It comes in India’s northernmost part and it is very close to the India-Pakistan border in the Baltistan region. Turtuk is a gorgeous place that houses many of these hidden gems. One of them is a magical cave that has the strength the freeze everything. Yes, without electricity, and sometimes even in summer, the chilly weather here can freeze your water.

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Well, if you’re wondering what is the name of this magical cave. Let us tell you that this magical cave is known as a cave in Turtuk. There’s no such specific name for this. Localities present in Turtuk can guide you to the best of this cave. It is located at a distance of 200km from Leh, near the Nubra valley.

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What Else To See In Turtuk?

Magical Cave
Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Turtuk is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the edge of the Indian territory, where you can visit Nubra Valley, Siachen Glacier, Siachen Base Camp, Shok Valley, and more. You can also enjoy the natural beauty, wildlife, and Himalayan adventures.

Turtuk is a tranquil destination that is best to visit when you want to take a break from your mundane life. And yes, when the next time you visit Turuk, also visit this magical cave but do layer yourself nicely.

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Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and Pexels