This Postgraduate In English Literature Left British Council Job To Run Tea Stall

by Tooba Shaikh
This Postgraduate In English Literature Left British Council Job To Run Tea Stall

This one is for all the humanities graduates out there, turns out, there are career opportunities for us after all! This person who did an MA in English Literature and worked at the British Council Library, decided to leave it all behind and start her own tea stall in the nation’s capital. A LinkedIn post about her tells you all you need to know about this unique startup, if we may use the term for this modest entrepreneurial endeavour.

English Literature Postgraduate Starts A Tea Stall

A few days ago, a LinkedIn user by the name of Brigadier Sanjay Khanna wrote a post on the professional networking platform about a chance meeting that he had with a bright young woman who spoke excellent English and ran a tea stall. Observing such a person working at a makeshift tea stall is indeed very unusual, and like any other person, he got curious and went up to talk to her to know more about her.

To his surprise, she told her that not only does she have a Master’s degree in English literature, but also that she used to work in the British Council Library before leaving it all behind to pursue a dramatic career change and start a tea stall.

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Sharmishtha Ghosh Wants To Make It As Big As Chaayos

Sharmishtha Ghosh, this ambitious young woman who was unafraid to pursue her dreams, revealed to Brigadier Khanna that she aims to make it as big as the famous tea outlet Chaayos. She, too, wants to start a multioutlet chain that is primarily about tea. As of now, the tea stall is located in Delhi Cantt. Gopinath Bazar. It is popularly called “Raydee.”

Admirable though the career shift is, Ghosh runs the tea stall with the help of a friend, Bhavna Rao, who works for a European airline. To help around with the tea stall, Ghosh has started paying extra wages to her house help. Brigadier Khanna’s post got many reactions from people, with many calling her story inspirational, and her, a changemaker in the truest sense of the word.

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Cover Image Credits: @Brigadier Sanjay Khanna/LinkedIn