This Remote Island In Ireland Is Looking For Friends To Run Coffee Shops & Guest Houses

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1416

Don’t you sometimes just wish to just run away from it all? Stay in a far off land surrounded by green meadows, clear blue waters, and listen to the sounds of chirping birds. Well, if you’re nodding your head, wishing for the same, then we have interesting news for you. The Great Blasket Island situated off the coast of Ireland is searching for two friends or a couple to manage four guest cottages and a coffee shop for six months between April and October. The island shared this vacancy on its Twitter account and advised applicants to read the FAQs before applying. Here’s what you must know.

Irish Island Wants A Couple Or Two Friends To Be Island Caretakers

An Irish island named Great Blasket Island is giving two friends or a couple, a chance to stay there for 6 months and run a coffee shop and a guest house. The island received more than 42,000 applicants from across the world, interested in this job offer. Now, this island doesn’t have any electricity, Wi-Fi or unlimited drinking water. Infact, the website advises visitors to arrange their own drinking water. In 2020, Dublin couple Annie Birney and Eoin Boyle were chosen as the island’s caretakers. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the couple couldn’t shift to the island until June, when restrictions eased.

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Get Paid To Take Care Of A Guesthouse & Coffee Shop In A Gorgeous Island

Birney informed Insider, that the island was their universe. Despite facing challenges like having no WI-Fi, taking cold showers or facing a lack of electricity, they still loved every bit of it. If you’re interested in this unusual job offer, here’s what you must know. The daily tasks here involves preparing cottages for guests, meeting and greeting them and collecting essential items for the guests from the pier. This includes food, coal and fresh laundry. This job listing urges non-EU entrants to have a valid working visa in order to apply. Travel expenses to this island are also not included. The applications will be open till January 22, so find out more here before you apply. If secluded islands interest you, then check out this video to plan a refreshing vacation. 

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