An Irish Island Is Looking For 2 People To Manage A Coffee Shop

by Natasha Monteiro
by Natasha Monteiro633

Have you ever dreamed of just putting down your papers, taking the next flight out and heading to an island far away? And after a while better sense has prevailed and you thought about how you would feed and sustain yourself? Well, good news guys! It’s time to make that move because a remote island in Ireland is offering a couple or 2 friends a chance to manage a coffee shop. Sounds interesting? Read on!

What Is It?

In Ireland lies a remote island called the Great Blasket Island. Surrounded by the bluest of oceans, this island is like a picture-perfect dream. A few days back the country’s official Twitter account put out a tweet saying that they are looking for a couple or 2 friends to run a coffee shop. Whoever gets selected, will have their food & accommodation taken care of.

The job opening is from 1st April 2020 – October 2020, so think of it as the ideal summer job. The website has not mentioned anything about qualifications, but man I’d be happy to do a Barista course for this one. And once you’re done with your job, don’t forget to go out and explore the island.

Things To Do At Great Blasket Island

The Great Blasket Island –is incidentally the most westerly point in Europe. Considering how remote the island is, it remains wonderfully untouched. Think a variety of flora and fauna, a sea brimming with marine life, long walks surrounded by lush greenery and more.

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