This Retired Emirati Man Is Going On A Europe Road Trip; Plans To Drive Back To Abu Dhabi

by Anupriya Mishra
This Retired Emirati Man Is Going On A Europe Road Trip; Plans To Drive Back To Abu Dhabi

We all work hard with the aim of ensuring a better life for us and our families. While not many of us think about the second innings of our lives, there are a few of us who do have dreams about how we plan to spend our time in those days. While some want to lounge back, relax, and be surrounded by their loved ones others may have elaborate plans to travel and explore the world that they may not have had the time to do so before. And it seems, a retired Emirati man also had similar dreams before retirement and that he is now living this travel dream in Europe. Well, after all, he is driving across Europe in his trusted Azzam.

A Retired Emirati Man Is Taking A Roadtrip Across Europe

While most people think of globetrotting by flying from country to country, there is one retired Emirati man who is also on a mission to explore new destinations but is instead driving across Europe to live his retirement dream. Sultan Alzaabi is a retired Emirati man who hails from Abu Dhabi. Instead of driving all the way to Europe, he got his car shipped over to Bremen in Germany! After getting his car shipped in May, he has been travelling by road, exploring the stunning landscape of Europe ever since. So, far he has travelled from Germany to the United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Austria, Poland, and some other countries. And now, he plans on exploring the entirety of Europe by road, before he heads back home to Abu Dhabi.

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Not The Only Emirati to Go On A Road Trip

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time a retired Emirati has taken to travelling across Europe. Two other retired Emirati friends, Salah Al Shamsi and Ibrahim Al Bashir, who decided to take a road trip across Europe on their trusted 2013 Toyota Camry. They left Sharjah on June 20 and since then have been driving down to Europe, covering countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, and even Latvia. Besides them, two other Emirati friends decided to take a tour of Europe within 30 days to show the power of the Emirates passport.

With the Emirati passport making it easier for citizens to travel across the world and live their dreams, these people are certainly serving as travel inspiration to us. They’re therefore making us want to take on a road trip of a lifetime as well!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/sultan_alzaabi5