This Temple Near Bangalore Resembles A Peacock Feather And Overlooks Lush Hills

by Suchismita Pal
This Temple Near Bangalore Resembles A Peacock Feather And Overlooks Lush Hills

Around two hours away from Bangalore, lie the idyllic Mandaragiri hills in Karnataka’s Tumkur city. In the foothills of Mandaragiri, sits a dome-shaped temple that resembles the royal blue-green feather of a peacock. Locally known as the Pinchi Temple, it is an architectural marvel and has a height of around 81 feet. Pinchi refers to a peacock feather. A flight of stairs leads to the rectangular entrance of the temple. This Jain temple is dedicated to Sri Shantisagarji Maharaj.

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The Pinchi Temple Of Mandaragiri Near Bangalore

The Pinchi Temple is a highly photogenic spot and is surrounded by echoing greenery. The blue hue of the temple contrasts splendidly with the lush nature around. In proximity to the shrine, stands a grandiose statue of Chandranatha Tirthankara, the eighth among the 24 tirthankaras. The entire complex with the temple and the statue looks profoundly marvellous. Mandaragiri hills is also called Basadi Betta and around 435 steps can lead one to the top of the hill. The path to the pinnacle is flanked by mighty boulders and a charming pond. The hilltop offers panoramic views of the entire valley.

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Other Attractions Nearby

Other attractions in and around Mandaragiri include Shivagange peak, Nijagal Betta, Shree Siddagangaa Matha, Kadu Malleshwara Temple, Ramadevara Betta, Sri Bhogalakshmi Narasimhaswaami and Mydala Kere lake. There are some nearby waterfalls too. The Shivagange mountain peak looks like a shiva linga and lies 25 kilometres away from Tumkur. The views from here are profoundly spectacular. Mandaragiri is a prominent pilgrimage site for the Hindus and is ideal for spiritual tourism.

If you’re looking for an offbeat getaway near Bangalore, Mandaragiri can be your place to be!

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