This Ultimate Travel Hack Will Let You Stay For FREE On Anyone’s Couch Anywhere In The World

by Shreya Ghosh
This Ultimate Travel Hack Will Let You Stay For FREE On Anyone’s Couch Anywhere In The World

Travelling to the most beautiful cities in the world is on most travel enthusiasts’ bucket lists. Exploring the stunning lanes, witnessing the touristy charm, and relishing the local cuisines of these destinations is a dream of many. But travelling to these places costs a bomb. Not just flight tickets, but the accommodation is also expensive. But now you can live anywhere in the world for absolutely free while travelling with this travel hack. No, it’s not a clickbait and you can certainly stay at places without paying.

Now Get Accommodation For Free With The Help Of This Travel App

Content creator Sharanya Iyer, popularly known as trulynomadly shared an amazing travel hack to find stay options in different parts of the world where we won’t need to pay anything to stay while travelling. She shared some amazing tips on how to do this using just an app and here’s all you need to know about this fascinating tip.

To grab this delightful opportunity, all you need to do is install the “Couchsurfing” app on your mobile. This platform allows hosts to list their homes where backpackers can stay for free. Sign up as a surfer and all the necessary details such as your destination and the kinds of hosts you want to live with. You will find a long list of options of hosts willing to host backpackers. Text them about your dates and further details. If they approve, you can stay at their house for free and save a lot of money as well.

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It is an amazing way to interact with locals, witness a different travel approach from them, know more about the city, and so much more.

Some Important Tips To Remember About This Travel Hack:

Travel Hack
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Make sure to read reviews properly before you decide to stay with someone in an unknown land. Though you do not need to spend anything to be able to stay at these places, you can definitely gift your hosts something as a token of love and appreciation. Remember you are staying at someone’s home and not a hotel outside. So ensure that you are giving them enough space and privacy as well.

Also, Couchsurfing is an app based on an annual subscription. It is perfect for globetrotters who are travelling to differnt corners of the world most of the time. It is a fantastic way to meet people from different cities like never before.

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Have you ever used this app before? Also, will you give this travel hack a try?

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