You Can Upgrade To Business Class For Cheap With This Unique Travel Hack. P.S. It Involves Some Bidding

by Tejashee Kashyap
You Can Upgrade To Business Class For Cheap With This Unique Travel Hack. P.S. It Involves Some Bidding

Upgrading flight tickets is a popular option for travellers seeking enhanced comfort and amenities during their journey. These upgrades to business class provide a host of benefits that can transform the flying experience into a more luxurious and enjoyable one. One Australian traveller has discovered a way to enjoy luxury travel without breaking the budget.

This Travel Hack Will Help You Upgrade To Business Class

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The primary motivation behind upgrading flight tickets is the improved level of comfort and convenience. Meet Steph Georgiou, a psychologist whose creative strategy has encouraged others to try out opulent flying. Georgiou’s experience of improved flying started on a regional aircraft with Australian carrier Rex from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. The visitor received an upgrade for about $17, and her TikTok video diary of the trip went viral.

According to an article by MoneyControl,  she described how she used a strategy she now swears by to obtain the desired upgrade three times in the course of a year. Her strategy is placing the lowest bid possible just before takeoff, and it has produced undeniable results. This strategy led to two domestic upgrades and a third on an overseas aircraft for Georgiou.

Georgiou wasn’t disheartened by her first failure, and her perseverance paid off when she managed to get a last-minute business class upgrade for her flight with Virgin Australia to Bali.

According to the article, for their flights, passengers may submit bids within certain ranges, with greater bids increasing the possibility of an upgrade. Since unsuccessful bids do not result in fees and passengers keep their original seats, there is no risk associated.

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Business Class Flight Tickets Come With A Range Of Enhanced Services & Amenities

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While upgrading flight tickets unquestionably offers numerous advantages, it’s important to note that such upgrades usually come at a higher cost compared to economy-class tickets. But certain hacks like this, help in upgrading.

Upgrading flight tickets presents an opportunity for travellers to transform their flying experience from merely a means of transportation to a luxurious and comfortable journey. The benefits range from increased comfort and personalised service to improved entertainment and productivity options.

While the cost of upgrading should be considered, the potential for a more enjoyable and relaxing travel experience can make it a compelling choice, particularly for those seeking to make the most out of their time in the air.

So, have you ever used this hack?

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