This Underrated Destination Is Gaining Popularity Among Malayali Travellers

by Shreya Ghosh
This Underrated Destination Is Gaining Popularity Among Malayali Travellers

There is so much magnificence hidden in every corner of the world that we are unaware of. With extreme natural beauty and rich history, these destinations look absolutely stunning. Many such gem locations are mostly unexplored so you can enjoy a gala time here with your loved ones avoiding the crowd and bustles. In the past couple of months, the country ‘Azerbaijan’ is attracting a lot of Malayali travellers. And the tour operators have some great numbers to state this fact.

Malayali Travellers Are Exploring The World!

Tourists are finally exploring their dream destinations after most countries started relaxing their travel restrictions post Covid-19 pandemic. Some tour operators are saying that people from Kerala are booking vacations to Azerbaijan a lot and the number took a spike from March-April. Keralites are traveling a lot recently and the tourism industry is flourishing, especially during the Onam celebration. The past few weeks of the Onam season saw a massive increase in the number of Malayali travellers flying to international countries.

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A tour operator shared that almost 8000-10000 1000 Malayali travellers are leaving for vacations from Kerala airports to destinations such as Bali, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Singapore, Turkey, Thailand, and more. In fact, some even shared that the Keralites are travelling the most right now among all the other states.

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Azerbaijan Is Gaining Popularity Among Keralites

This country is an underrated destination featuring some stunning monuments, museums, mud volcanoes, beautifully natural and man-made attractions, and preserved natural areas. Also known as the Land of Fire, there is a lot to explore and the mud volcanoes are surely the biggest attraction. The locals are very warm and hospitable. Also, it is quite easy to travel to this country. The government has made the travel process quite simpler with the eVisa. Also, you don’t need to spend a lot as it’s an affordable county to visit after the oil prices dropped.

Caucasian Travel Dreams is a tour management company in Azerbaijan. Amith Raghunath of this company shared that the number of travellers from Kerala to Azerbaijan witnessed a massive increase. Malayali travellers are booking packages to this beautiful country continuously.