This Video Showing The Making Of Aam Papad Leaves Netizens Saying “RIP Hygiene”

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Video Showing The Making Of Aam Papad Leaves Netizens Saying “RIP Hygiene”

Mango lovers, you’d very well agree with me that it’s not summer season, it’s rather mango season going on. Which means this is the time to gulp down mango milkshakes, mango lassis and whatnot. And our beloved aam papad is not far behind. The mango leather made with pulp and concentrated sugar has a special fan base. Recently a video showing the making of aam papad left aam papad lovers saying “RIP hygiene”. Check out why.

Viral Video Shows Making Of Aam Papad

Food blogger, @foodexplorerlalit shared a video on his Instagram handle giving his followers a glimpse of what goes into the making of aam papad. In this video, a group of cooks are seen preparing this mango leather. First, they peel a large number of mangoes, which were soaked in water. Then they add it to the machine to make mango pulp. The pulp trickles down into a massive steel vessel.


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The cooks then add a sack of sugar to the vessel with mango pulp. The cooks then stir it well with their hands. Next, they pour the mango puree on dry leaf sheets and spread it across in thin layers with their bare hands. They use small steel pots to pour the mango puree. The video shows large sheets of mango puree left to sundry. Once the sheets are dried under the sun, they are packed in plastic packets for sale.

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Netizens Question Hygiene Levels After Watching This Video

This video about the making of aam papad has satisfied Netizens’ curiosity about their favourite summer snack. But it’s also left many questioning the hygiene issues involves. One Netizen comments that she didn’t need to see the production of it and now that she’s seen it, she can’t unsee it. The person further added that it didn’t look very sanitary as too many people were touching it with their hands and not washing their hands either.  Another said “RIP hygiene” and yet another Netizen comments that “Hygiene is zero”.

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aam papad
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Well, did you watch this aam papad video? Do you agree with the comments stated by Netizens?

Cover Image Courtesy: @foodexplorerlalit/ Instagram