Three New Categories, Unified Visa & More; Qatar Tourism Board Reintroduces Hayya Platform With A Twist!

by Deeplata Garde
Three New Categories, Unified Visa & More; Qatar Tourism Board Reintroduces Hayya Platform With A Twist!

We came across the Hayya platform for the first time when Qatar was in the jolting spirit of the FIFA World Cup. The feature was introduced to provide tournament tickets to all fans irrespective of their age. And now that the tournament concluded long ago, the Qatar government continues to use the platform to attract a global audience for its tourism. Let’s find out more details about the visa unification process.

Hayya With Qatar!

To make it easier for additional nationalities to apply for a tourist visa to visit the nation, Qatar Tourism has updated the Hayya platform. The Hayya platform, which was recently rebuilt, is now the go-to resource for tourists who need a visa to enter Qatar. All visitors to the country will be able to enter using the Hayya platform. Easy peasy!

Well unlike before, this unified Hayya platform will be working with three new categories.
The Qatar e-visa will now be available to three additional visiting categories. Let’s classify it in detail. The launch of this unified vis platform for Qatar is taking place with immediate effect. This portal will henceforth allow all tourists and business visas to enter Qatar.

Visitors will fall under the categorizes by Hayya e-visa depending on their citizenship, place of residence, or any other existing international visas. The new A1, A2, and A3 categories are listed below.

A1: All nationalities that do not qualify for either a visa on arrival or visa-free admission into Qatar will fall under the A1 category.
A2: GCC citizens will be in the A2 group. GCC citizens of all professions are now able to apply for a Qatar e-visa.
A3: International tourists from the Schengen region, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will fall under the third category, designated A3. They will be qualified for an e-visa to Qatar.

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Here Are Some Advantages And The Application Process

There’s no hard work to apply on this platform for the visa. Simply visit the official website or the app and visit Doha, the Arab Tourism Capital of 2023.

Here Are A Few Benefits To Apply From The Hayya Platform

  1. Holders of Hayya will experience easy entry into Qatar and connectivity.
  2. At Hamad International Airport, Hayya applicants will receive e-gate admission.
  3. The Hayya Platform will offer a pre-registration option for quicker entry for automobiles. This is only applicable for individuals entering Qatar by land at the Abu Samra border.
  4. The portal gives GCC nationals the chance to apply for a companion entrance permit.
  5. A visitor’s stay can be enhanced by additional services offered by the Hayya Platform, such as maps, transportation choices, deals, and news.

We are excited to see the revamped website and enjoy the benefits of this unified visa process.

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