Tirumala Tirupati Temple Goes Plastic-Free! Prasad To Be Distributed In Jute Bags Now

by Sanjana Shenoy
Tirumala Tirupati Temple Goes Plastic-Free! Prasad To Be Distributed In Jute Bags Now

Bollywood Stars, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh visited Tirupathi recently. Well, you might think that they went there to celebrate their anniversary or pay respects to Lord Ventakeshwara. Guess what? You’re wrong. They went there to eat laddoos! Come on don’t judge me now. Sri Vari Laddoos made with gram flour, infused with cardamom, laced with sugar candy, prepared with loads of nuts and of course of oodles of ghee, is truly an experience by itself. And now, Tirumala Tirupathi’s, famous prasad of laddoos has eco-friendly packaging. One of the richest temples in the world, Tirumala Tirupathi has gone plastic-free. Their prasad of laddoos will now be distributed in jute bags instead of plastic covers. That’s what we call divine!

Picture Credits: metrosaga

What’s In It?

Tirumala Tirupathi according to reports, used to distribute around 3.4 to 4 lakhs of laddoos every day. Which in turn meant that they used around 70,000 plastic covers to package them. A reputed news agency reported that the temple trust has now collaborated with Aditya Birla Company- Hindalco and Jute Corporation of India, to roll out a project regarding the distribution of prasad in 100% recyclable bags.

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The prasad will be distributed in these bags made of Jute. JCI and Hindalco have already applied for a patent for the process of aluminium foil lamination of jute. Since the past few months, JCI and Hindalco have sold around 3 lakh jute bags, JCI has also established a prasadam distribution centre for the sale of these bags. They have done this in order to encourage people to adopt this eco-friendly approach and start using jute bags.

Picture Credits: scoopwhoop.com

What’s More?

The officials of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam’s temple trust have informed the media that they’re attempting to encourage people to use non-plastic packaging materials for the prasadam, by using paper bags, paper boxes and jute bags. Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam’s executive officer, AV Dharma Reddy stated that efforts are being made to reduce the use of plastic in a phased manner to make Tirumala Tirupathi totally plastic-free. It’s not just Tirupathi, Delhi’s Most Iconic Gurudwara Has Banned Use Of All Plastic Items

The officials have stated to a reputed news agency that jute and aluminium bags will be used to package the Tirupathi Laddoos as an alternative to plastic. Since there is a high demand for the prasad of laddoos at Tirupathi, the biodegradable bags is a good way to reduce plastic pollution. The green initiative will help the environment and in turn, provide employment to thousands of artisans. Well, we think it’s a remarkable initiative. When devotees visit this holy shrine, they will be reminded to do their bit to help the environment. After all, as the wonderful saying goes, the love for God is the love to protect the environment. Check out Goa Tourism Bans Single-Use Plastic, Wants To Be Plastic Free By 2022