Tomato Bhajiya For ₹400/Kg! Yes, Surat Vendor Is Selling Them Amidst Skyrocketing Tomato Prices

by Ankita Mazumdar
Tomato Bhajiya For ₹400/Kg! Yes, Surat Vendor Is Selling Them Amidst Skyrocketing Tomato Prices

In recent times, tomato prices have skyrocketed and they went from a basic need to a luxury need. Indian households are looking for alternatives for tomatoes in their recipes. Even some of the popular fast food companies decided to remove tomato slices from their food items. Amidst these tomato eliminations, a vendor in Surat is getting popular for making tomato bhajiya. Check this video out.

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A food blogger, Amar Sirohi, posted this video of tomato bhajiya a day ago on his Instagram account— @foodie_incarnate. Even Amar says that people have to think before buying a kg of tomatoes while this vendor is selling more than 200 kg tomato bhajiya daily. In the video, tomatoes are sliced and placed on a tray one by one. 

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A small dollop of mint chutney is placed on top of every tomato slice. Someone else was sifting the chickpea flour. Then a thick batter of chickpea flour, salt and water is prepared. Each tomato slice is dipped into the batter and then fried till crispy golden brown. It is sold at ₹400/kg!

Netizens Were Quick To React To This Unexpected Bhajiya

Image Credits: @foodie_incarnate/ Instagram

It is hard not to miss the poor quality of oil. Some comments pointed out that the oil is similar to engine oil. Several others further went on to comment on unhealthy this tomato bhajiya is. Another user was concerned about the prices of onion and garlic going up and commented, “Ab Tomato sasta ho jayega 1-2 week me abhi lehsun mehenga hai aur fir Onion mehenga hoga.”

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This video has been doing the rounds on the Internet since yesterday with more than 70 thousand likes. Every day new and bizarre food inventions and combinations are being launched into the world. Today, it was the day for tomato bhajiya with its skyrocketing rates. Are you willing to try out this dish for ₹400/Kg? Instead of just buying some tomatoes?

What are your thoughts on this? Will you try to chef-up this dish at home or totally skip it? Let us know below.

Cover Image Courtesy:@foodie_incarnate/ Instagram