Trash Collection System Changed In Vande Bharat Trains After Social Media Posts About The Littered Train Go Viral

by Tooba Shaikh
Trash Collection System Changed In Vande Bharat Trains After Social Media Posts About The Littered Train Go Viral

The newly launched Vande Bharat express was much awaited by the Indian masses. The train is more comfortable, quicker, and more luxurious than the regular long-distance or inter-state trains. However, recently, social media posts about its littered conditions started to go viral on the Internet. Many people posted photos of the train reaching its destination completely trashed and littered. Acting on the same, authorities have taken reparatory measures to aid the situation.

Trash Collection System Changed In Vande Bharat

In a video posted on Twitter, the Minister of Railways of India Ashwini Vaishnaw announced that a new method of trash collection will be implemented in the Vande Bharat trains. The train will have a garbage collection bag that will pass from one coach to another periodically. Passengers are expected to throw their respective garbage in the bag.

This will require cooperation from the passengers’ side as well. Hence, the caption of the video read, “Cleaning system changed for #VandeBharat trains. Your cooperation is expected.” The video is 27 seconds long and shows a man with a garbage bag picking up trash from various Vande Bharat trains. As of now, it has close to 700k views on Twitter.

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Photos Of The Trashed Train Go Viral

Many posted photographs of the Vande Bharat train littered with trash and garbage. Some chided the railway authorities for not implementing enough means to dispose of the garbage while others criticised the people for not having enough civic sense to not throw their garbage on the ground inside the train.

Such photos and tweets took Twitter by storm and people were rightly critical of such an attitude. This also started a discussion of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and how its motto of a clean and green India can only be achieved when the attitude and mindsets of the people change.

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