6 TED Talks To Give You Enough Motivation To Leave your Job & Start Travelling

by Akriti Seth
6 TED Talks To Give You Enough Motivation To Leave your Job & Start Travelling

I want to travel. I want to go see places, experience different cultures, taste different cuisines and learn new languages. But somewhere in between I lose my way.

I was sitting in office one day when my colleague showed me this TED Talk about travel. I was motivated enough to book my tickets to Dharamshala right then. Let’s help you get the same motivation I got the other day to travel.

Here’s a list of Travel TED Talks to inspire and motivate you to bring in a better tomorrow with your travel tales and stories filled with experiences of joy and delight.

1. Travel Writing

Let’s talk about something we do for a living. I see my friends who want to quit their 9-5 job only to get a glimpse of the world and sometimes I feel sad because they are suppressing their inner most desires. Well, Lavinia Spalding who is an award-winning food and travel writer strongly believes that anyone who travels can be a travel writer.

Sharing our personal stories makes people care, learn and gives a sense of accomplishment. Lavinia tells us not just to travel but to “meet someone amazing and write a short story about that person.” Because that’s what life is all about ‘stories and people’.

2. How Is Travel So Valuable?

This funny and insightful talk by Rick Steves explains that ‘fear is for people who don’t get out very much’. He tells us about how he has lived a third of his life out of a suitcase and explains the value of learning through travel.

Rick talks about being ready to fearlessly embrace our travel dreams and desires. You should so hear him tell, his travel stories from Afghanistan to El Salvador and the way he describes each place he was in or wants to be. It just feels like we are there with him in his narration.

3. Travel The World With No Money

Let not your finances be a hindrance while you wish to to travel. Hear Tomislov Perko’s travel tales which are so full so adventure and life. He calls the world his home and has has been hitch-hiking across the globe. Volunteering, doing odd jobs and spending time with locals has become a part of his everyday life.

Tom was a stockbroker and he says you don’t have to be brave or rich, you just have to want to travel. You so have to watch his video, not cause he is cute but because he makes sense and is such an inspiration to anyone who wants to lead a life full of wanderlust.

4. Does Travel Have A Career?

In my personal opinion ‘Travel has a whole new life and living in it’. Let’s hear Piya Bose from Jamshedpur talk to us about how she left her 9-5 as a corporate lawyer to pursue her passion for travelling.

Bose, now has an adventure travel company called Girls-on-the-Go that plans trips for women. She wants to be able to help propel women to explore. She considers travelling her meditation and believes travelling does have a very positive psychological impact on us.

5. Life On The Road

Raised in Canada and Sweden, since childhood she dreamt of running away and living like a nomad. American-born photojournalist Kitra Cahana has never let the nomadic spirit in her leave.

She now documents the lives of nomads living in idiosyncratic places. She believes in portraying a community right to the world which is so fiercely alive and creatively free. Her childhood dreams have certainly got her so far and her life is no more than a wonder in itself.

6. Deep Travel

Contributing to over a 100 publications, Judith Fein is an award-winning journalist. She writes about travel and aspects of it and has even written a book called ‘Life is a Trip: The Transformative Magic of Travel’.

This talk by her has made me think about travelling deeper and challenge myself to not just be a tourist but an ambassador who both can question and answer things we see and feel. She says travel is a two way street and gives us an insight on how travel is life and life-changing, both.

I hope we are helping you in picking up your travel bags and taking off to an unknown land. Here’s some help to get you started: 10 Places In India For You To Explore This May


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