Here’s How You Can Travel Even If You’re Pregnant

by Akriti Seth
Here’s How You Can Travel Even If You’re Pregnant

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We’re here to rescue your doubtful travel plans because of the arrival of the lil’ one. Here’s some travel tips for pregnant women. #TravelSafe

I know you’ve already seen your future as a mom! A huge extra bag with diapers, bottles and blankets. So we are saying that you may be heavily pregnant right now but this is only time your bag will be the lightest. Make the most of it!

Let us help you plan a babymoon to get out of all the pre-baby worries. Ofcourse, prioritise your health and comfort while on the go. Carry plenty of maternity wear and lots of snacks for that trip of yours.

There might be a million questions in your head. Is it safe to travel while you’re pregnant? Will I get tired easily? Is it okay to travel abroad, etc, etc, etc. Here are a few travel tips you could follow while you want to go and see the world.

1. Time Your Trip Well

Pregnancy is accompanied by nausea, discomfort, fatigue and not-to-forget major mood swings. Though the symptoms don’t span all the 9 months, do take advantage of the second trimester. 20 to 30 weeks into your pregnancy is the best time to travel. Try avoiding travel post 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Always, like always consult your doctor before you head off to keep you on the safe side.

2. Check Your Airline

In most cases, you need a note from your doctor if you are expecting the delivery within 30 days of take off. These restrictions vary from airline to airline. Best thing to do is determine your airline’s pregnant flyer policy before hand.

3. Choosing A Destination

I know you’re tempted to take that romantic vacation with the man before you have your baby. It’s a great idea as long as you put your comfort first. Stay closer to home and stay safe. Steer clear of high altitudes and scuba diving. In short avoid high risk activities. You can go for brisk walks, low impact swims and relax yourself with yoga by the beach.

4. Keep A Copy of Your Prenatal Records

Keep a copy your medical notes and records and while you’re at it, determine the nearest hospital or medical facility for a premature water break.

5. Travel By Car

We know flying is faster and a cruise might be fun but trust me, the best mode of transport is the old fashioned four wheeler. Pit-stops, however many you want and emergency medical care when needed.

TipSecure the lap belt below your belly so that it rests against your hip bones, and wear the shoulder belt across the center of your chest and to the side of your baby bump.

Stretch along the way and limit your travel to 6 hours a day. Talk to your doctor and also be prepared for the dizziness of the trip.

6. Request a Pat-down

If you’ve decided to fly in the high skies, girl you’re a hard nut to crack! Its okay to go through metal detectors but avoid the scanners that spin around you. Oh and please resist the urge grab your suitcase off the conveyor belt. Ask help from a nearby passenger or staff. You know why?

*Read in a tone your MIL talks in*
“Beta, aise samay me aise bhaari saamaan nahi uthate hai.”

7. Munchies & Hydration

Ensure you are hydrated and make your man run around to bring you all what you want to eat. 12 glasses of water a day and lots of healthy foods in your diet is helpful for both you and the baby.

Tip: Whole grain granola bars, mini-boxes of dry fruits and pre-cut fruits and veggies are some tasty, travel-friendly options.

8. Stretch It Out

Keep stretching. Take brisk 50 mtr walks.

Pro Tip: Carry your favourite pillow or husband along. Both have their own uses if you know what I mean, ladies.

Much love there, ladies and their men. Great times ahead, till then