Travellers, Take Note! No Flights Will Take Off From Mangaluru International Airport During These Hours Till May 31

by Tooba Shaikh
Travellers, Take Note! No Flights Will Take Off From Mangaluru International Airport During These Hours Till May 31

If you’re travelling to or from the Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) in the coming months, you need to pay attention. In a recently released statement, the MIA announced that it will not be handling incoming or outgoing flights from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM from the 27th of January. During the mentioned hours, the airport will not be handling any aircraft at all. So take note and make your travel arrangements accordingly.

Mangaluru International Airport Will Be Unavailable For Flights

The MIA announced that during the daytime, it will not be handling aircraft. This measure is being taken in order to do some major repair and rehabilitation work for the runway. This work will go on for months and the airport will only revert back to its usual schedule after the 31st of May. Hence, for the following months, flights will only operate before 9:30 AM and after 6:00 PM at the Mangaluru International Airport.

It is also important to note that the airport will not be cancelling or redirecting any flights. It aims to provide the same quality of service while the repairs are being done. Only the timings of the flights will be tweaked a bit. The airport authorities have made prior arrangements with the airlines in order to prepare for this temporary shift.

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Mangalore International Airport
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Runway Maintenance Of The Airport

The airport first opened in 2006 and since then its runway has had some minor maintenance done to maintain the basic requirement. This is the first time the airport will refurbish the runway at such a large scale. The airport plans on improving its texture, both on a micro level as well as a macro level.

It also plans on blacktopping the runway to meet the required standards. They also plan on installing runway centerline lights which improve visibility on days when the visibility is low or poor. The improvements are being done in accordance with the safety measures suggested by the committee that investigated the crash of IX 1344 at Kozhikode airport.

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