Kerala’s Bandipur To Have A 12-Hour-Night Travel Ban On The Kozhikode-Kollegal National Highway-766

by Shreya Ghosh
Kerala’s Bandipur To Have A 12-Hour-Night Travel Ban On The Kozhikode-Kollegal National Highway-766

The Kozhikode-Kollegal National Highway-766 will be having a night travel ban starting soon. This national highway passing through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve will need to follow this nighttime ban and it might even leave a crisis and impact on the travel industry and agricultural sector in the popular tourist destination, Wayanad. The authority imposed this ban previously and now they are extending it to some more days.

Kozhikode-Kollegal National Highway-766 To Follow A 12-Hour-Night Travel Ban

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Any national highway is a primary mode of transportation and any kind of travel ban on it surely impacts the services related to it. The night travel ban on National Highway 766 is making it a huge problem for the Wayanad tourism sector. Though it is a popular destination in the state, still this ban has reduced tourist footfall by about 30% ever since the night travel ban came into action.

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This highway is a major connection to different cities and now folks in these cities are choosing other destinations to explore. Many Bengaluruans are choosing Coorg over Wayanad because of the ban. With less tourist footfall, the hotels and resorts will also experience the impact. Tourists from nearby cities often come here for short weekend getaways and travelling at night is a major part of these trips. And it will not be possible to access the highway at night now.

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How Will The Ban Affect Wayanad’s Agricultural Sector?

P. Ramesh Kumar is the director of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and he previously stated that it will be requested to start the night travel ban from 6 pm. Now many farmers in Wayanad export their daily production right after they complete harvesting during the evening. But they will not be able to export the daily produce with the ban from 6 pm. Following different routes is a solution to this problem but this will also cost them more than usual. This road is also the source of communication between Karnataka and Kerala for importing flowers and vegetables from Karnataka. Overall, this will be quite a huge impact on the agricultural sector of both states.

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