Travellers, These 10 Tourist Activities In Goa Have Been Declared Illegal. Check Now!

by Shreya Ghosh
Travellers, These 10 Tourist Activities In Goa Have Been Declared Illegal. Check Now!

Who doesn’t love to take a trip to Goa? Surrounded by much mesmerising beauty of nature, it always feels amazing to holiday in this beach destination. Travellers from all around come here to experience the hard-core party life and many tourist activities. Well, the most trending news in Goa presently is the government declaring some tourism-related activities illegal. The government issued an order to prohibit all these illegal tourism activities.

Here’s The List Of The 10 Tourist Activities In Goa That Have Been Declared Illegal

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1. There are so many unauthorised hawkers and sellers selling their products to the crowd. The Goa government put a ban on the unauthorised selling of such items in tourist places.

2. You may find many tables and deck beds lying on the beaches. The order issued by the government stated that they banned placing such items on beaches illegally. Proper permission from the authority is important.

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3. It is now illegal to drive any unauthorised vehicles found in tourist places, especially on Goa beaches.

4. It is always bad behaviour to break alcohol bottles in public places and consume them openly. Now, doing all these things in tourist attractions is illegal.

5. Also, they prohibited the selling of water sports tickets by unauthorised sellers.


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6. If you have been to Goa quite a few times, you may have seen many agents and hawkers coming to you and persuading you to purchase their services and products. It certainly hampers the holiday mood. According to the department, these hawkers and agents should avoid hindering tourists to sell their services.

7. The department banned adventurous water sports activities in places that do not have permission. Only the ones with proper permission in demarcated areas can conduct the activities.

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8. The department also prohibited any sort of cooking near the roads. Many tourists often cook and create a mess near the roadside and now they cannot do all these.

9. There are authorised counters that sell tickets for tourist activities such as cruising. Now no one except authorised counters can sell these tickets.

10. You may find unauthorised water sports tickets some distance far from Goa. The department also banned these services.

If you are travelling to Goa anytime soon, make sure to know all about these illegal tourist activities.

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