Travelling By Rajdhani Express Can Cost You As Much As Flight

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Travelling By Rajdhani Express Can Cost You As Much As Flight

Rail transportation is the cheapest mode of transport. People generally prefer travelling by rail rather than travelling by flight in order to save money. As you know, train tickets are way cheaper than flight tickets for obvious reasons. But what if we tell you that the amount you might spend on a train ticket is more or less the same as what you might spend on a flight ticket. Well, Rajdhani Express tickets can cost you as much as a flight ticket. 

Rajdhani Express Costs As Much As A Flight

One of the most upscale trains owned and operated by the Indian Railways is the Rajdhani Express. Additionally, it is among India’s quickest trains. Three different travel classes—1 AC, 2 AC, and 3 AC—are available on Rajdhani trains. The facilities that are provided in Rajdhani are a level up than other trains. This is why the prices are somewhere near to the flight fares. Many people prefer travelling by flight rather than railways. The reason firstly being flights are more time saving. The next reason is getting more premium service at a cost which is more or less the same. So why not fly rather than spend hours in a train. 

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Rajdhani Express Is One Of The Most Prestigious Trains

One of the most prestigious and well-known trains operated by the Indian Railways is the Rajdhani Express. These trains run between the state capitals of the country and Delhi, the nation’s capital. The Rajdhani express is given top priority on the Indian rail system. They have complete air conditioning. During the trip, passengers can choose to eat (the cost of the food is included in the train fare). Several major Indian cities are connected to New Delhi by the Rajdhani Express Train service. Because of Rajdhani’s enduring popularity, many people try to reserve a seat, either well in advance of the day they intend to travel or at the last minute. 

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