Your Morning Tea In Indian Railways Will Get Cheaper Now And Here’s Why

by Shreya Ghosh
Your Morning Tea In Indian Railways Will Get Cheaper Now And Here’s Why

Attention tea lovers! We know your eternal love for chai, especially for that hot cup of morning tea and we have some exciting news to share with you. If you are travelling by any of Rajdhani express, Shatabdi express, Vande Bharat express, or Duronto express anytime soon, you will have to pay less for your cup of morning tea. These changes took place in these premium trains only at the moment.

Here’s Why Your Morning Tea In Indian Railways Will Get Cheaper

The government took the decision of this price change for morning tea. They also asked IRTCT to not add any kind of service charge or convenience fee for the passengers who did not choose catering services while booking tickets but are ordering morning tea on the journey. Recently, a passenger had a bad experience while travelling by the Shatabdi express. Almost 2 weeks back, he was travelling on this train and he ordered a cup of tea. It generally costs ₹20 but surprisingly he had to pay a service charge of ₹50, overall ₹70 for that tea. He shared the whole situation on his Twitter handle and shared pictures of the food bill with a service charge of 250% of the actual cost of the tea.

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Price Of Other Food Items:

This change in prices is applicable for morning tea only in these premium trains. The cost of morning tea will be the same for all the passengers, even if they did not opt for the catering services.  Passengers who did not choose the catering services while booking tickets will have to pay an additional ₹50 while ordering breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the train.

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Indian railways shared circulars where the charges for morning tea, breakfast, lunch, and dinner in these express trains are properly mentioned. They issued this circular of prices to IRCTC. According to the circular, the prices include GST already and passengers do not have to pay any percent of additional GST.

Price Of Morning Tea In These Trains:

  • Vande Bharat Express: ₹15
  • Rajdhani Express (1A/ EC): ₹35
  • Rajdhani Express (2AC/ 3AC/ CC): ₹20
  • Duronto Express (1A/ EC): ₹35
  • Duronto Express (2AC/ 3AC/ CC): ₹20
  • Shatabdi Express (1A/ EC): ₹35
  • Shatabdi Express (2AC/ 3AC/ CC): ₹20