Travelling From UAE to Kerala? Be quarantined for just seven days if you test negative

UAE to Kerala
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 2362

Passengers flying from the UAE to Kerala can opt for quarantining for seven days if they test negative on the seventh day after reaching Kerala. As per the government orders, Kerala has now relaxed the covid-19 quarantine rules for visitors from yesterday. However, quarantining for 7- days is still a must for all the passengers. 

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After 7 Days, Quarantine Is Optional And Not Mandatory Says, Chief Secretary 

The order issued by the chief secretary Dr Vishwas Mehta, says, 

“They can take a test on the seventh day after arrival and if tested negative, further quarantine of seven days is optional and not mandatory, though 14 days’ quarantine is desirable as per health protocol. “

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Picture Credits: Hindustan Times

In terms of the new guidelines, it replaces all other guidelines related to quarantine issued previously and applies to international passengers as well. While speaking to a leading daily, Dr A. Jayathilak, principal secretary, Revenue and Disaster Management Department, said, 

“Everyone landing in Kerala must undergo covid-19 test on the seventh day, either RT-PCR or rapid antigen test. It is applicable to everyone coming from outside the state with or without a COVID-19 negative test result. Irrespective of the test they are doing and the number of days after arrival, have to report immediately if they develop any symptoms. Anybody testing positive shall follow the protocol for covid-19 patients.”

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Passengers Need To Register On The State Portal Before Entering The State 

As per the latest guidelines, all passengers need to register on the covid19jagratha portal of the state government. After the passengers register on the portal, they will be contacted by health authorities to remind them about doing a COVID test on the seventh day after arrival. However, the consulate is yet to be officially informed about the changes in quarantine rules in Kerala.

On the new rules, Dr A. Jayathilak said, 

“The government has decided to relax the quarantine rules because the policy now is to live and work with COVID-19 and to stimulate economic activities. It is not feasible for any economy to be shut for long. Several governments are relaxing rules for the same reason.” 

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Kerala has recorded more than 148,000 cases and over 570 deaths, the majority of which were reported after it started receiving Malayalis from other Indian states and countries across the world.

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