Travelling? Nutritionist Highly Recommends Carrying This Tablet In Your Bag Always

by Shreya Ghosh
Travelling? Nutritionist Highly Recommends Carrying This Tablet In Your Bag Always

We want to go on holiday at any time of the year. In our busy lifestyle, it is such a necessity to take small breaks and enjoy a beautiful holiday, at least once a year. There is no denying how travelling helps us to feel relaxed and rejuvenated with so many stunning experiences. While indulging in so many things at once, we often forget to take care of our eating habits during this time. We often face gut problems on a holiday and not paying proper attention to our meals is one of the biggest problems. Well, here is a simple solution to all such issues and it is a tablet!

Neha Sahaya Has A Simple Solution To Digestive Problems Faced On A Vacation

Nutrition and wellness consultant Neha Sahaya shared an informative reel on Instagram recently that emphasises some tablets and supplements that can help us to have a healthy gut on vacations.


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Neha shared how these tablets can help to maintain the gut bacteria and decrease bloating as well. Along with these benefits, these tablets help to get rid of digestion problems too. We tend to eat more oily food items with simple carbohydrates. Most food that we consume on a holiday is not very healthy. On top of that, we consume lesser veggies and a small portion of fibre, and often forget to drink water in proper quantity. And to avoid falling sick with this holiday diet routine, Neha Sahaya recommends including a gut health tablet during holidays.

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How Can A Gut Tablet & Digestive Health Supplements Help On Vacations?

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  • Dietary changes: Travelling to new places means trying out new delicacies and this can affect our gut health. At such moments, a gut tablet is a quick solution to enhance our digestive system. These tablets help in breaking down the food well which leads to proper digestion.
  • Travel-related issues: Travel never comes with a proper routine or schedule. No proper sleep, change in time zone, and change in food can lead to gut issues. At such times, gut tablets can provide relief.
  • Immune support: An unhappy gut means a weaker immune system. To avoid getting sick due to low immunity and an upset stomach, take some gut tablets.
  • Stress management: Getting stressed while travelling is a common experience and even it can create digestive health problems. A gut tablet is a great relief in such times as this helps in a proper gut-brain connection and overcomes gut issues.

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Neha Sahaya also added how it is important to consult with a healthcare professional or a nutritionist before intaking any gut tablet or digestive health supplement.

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