Trekkers Stranded At Ladakh’s Tsarak Dho Due To Snow & Rain Were Rescued By Ladakh Police And BRO

by Shreya Rathod
Trekkers Stranded At Ladakh’s Tsarak Dho Due To Snow & Rain Were Rescued By Ladakh Police And BRO

Ladakh is a place with scenic views and an unpolluted environment. It is also one of the places where trekkers prefer to go trekking. However, there have been several incidents where trekkers were stranded. One such incident took place where trekkers were trapped in various regions of Ladakh owing to snow and rain. They have been rescued by the Ladakh Police and Border Roads Organisation (BRO), including nine foreigners in a group of 13 trekkers and three British tourists.

Trekkers Stranded In Ladakh Were Rescued!

Police in Zanskar came to the aid of a group of trekkers who were trapped due to poor weather on Monday. The ADGP Ladakh stated in a series of tweets that trekking group after being stuck in terrible weather were rescued by a police unit of Zanskar Police Station from Tsarak Dho near Zangla village.

Before making travel plans, citizens were advised by the police to be careful of the weather. A second tweet stated if anyone is thinking of going on a hiking trip, please consider the weather and make plans accordingly. For more information, they may call ERSS 112 or the nearby Ladakh Police Police Station or Police Post.

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Details Of The Incident

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According to a report by The Statesman, in the middle of the Zanskar-Lingshed trip, they became stranded at Tsarak Dho near Zangla village because of terrible weather. A Zanskar police party was able to rescue them from there and transport them safely to Padum. Three British tourists who were stranded in Zanskar’s Char Village were transported to Padam by members of the BRO’s Project Yojak.

The Ladakh region’s Leh and Kargil districts have seen property losses as a result of persistent rain and out-of-season snowfall. There were numerous travellers stuck in various locations. The Nimmu- Padam- Darcha (NPD) Road’s Darcha – Padam Section had numerous slips as a result of persistent rainfall. The Ladakh government had issued a weather advisory, so the police stopped traffic on the Leh-Upshi route.

The BRO received a request for the evacuation of visitors who were stranded. A BRO area was surrounded by almost 150 stranded tourist-carrying vehicles. All support was made available to these travellers. Additionally, a langar was set up for them at 111 RCC Gurudwara.

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A local car carrying visitors was caught in a landslide on the Khalsar-Agham-Shyok road close to Agham.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia