Trevor Noah Is All Set To Bring His Sharp Wit To Dubai This October!

by Anupriya Mishra
Trevor Noah Is All Set To Bring His Sharp Wit To Dubai This October!

You might know Trevor Noah from his famous show, ‘The Daily Show’. He’s an Emmy Award-winning host, who is known for his sharp wit and humorous jokes that often leave the audience in splits. And now, you actually have a chance to see him live in the emirate! Yes, as the comedian is set to perform in Dubai this October. Isn’t this fantastic? Well, here’s all you need to know about his upcoming show.

Trevor Noah Is Coming Live In Dubai


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Trevor Noah is a famous comedian who is going to be performing in Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena for his Off The Record Tour. For those who are still living under the rock, he is an exceptional comedian, known for his humorous jokes and deadpan delivery that often leaves his audience chuckling. With a massive global fan base, this comedian is also an Emmy Award winner and is often recognised for being the host of ‘The Daily Show’.

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Tickets Go Live In May


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It’s worth mentioning that Trevor Noah will be performing on October 3 in Dubai, and you may probably find yourself laughing at his hilarious jokes. However, if you are an ardent fan, who cannot wait to grab the best spot for the show then you should know that the tickets go live in May. Yes, the tickets for this much-awaited show will go live on May 5, which is a Friday at 12 PM on As this is a highly anticipated event, make sure to grab your spot as soon as possible, after all, they might just run out of space! Since this is a highly anticipated event, it is expected to be the biggest record-breaker of the season in the region. As it happens, the show aims to be an unforgettable encounter and all the fans should come prepared to laugh uncontrollably at his humorous jokes.

So, if you are also a big Trevor Noah fan, and cannot wait to see him perform live, then don’t forget to book your tickets soon. And while you’re at it, do let your bestie know about this show. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to watch him live together!

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