Trip to Rameswaram – What To Pack And What To Wear

by Natasha Monteiro
Trip to Rameswaram – What To Pack And What To Wear

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Planning a trip to Rameswaram in South India? Here’s a fun guide on everything you need to pack and everything you need to do.

There’s a reason why Chennai Express included a trip to Rameswaram. If Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone could make a trip down South, so can you! Maybe with lesser gold and without the kanjeevaram sarees. Here’s our guide to planning the perfect trip to Rameswaram.

1. Sunscreen + Sunglasses + Sunhat

The keyword here is ‘Sun‘. You’re not going to be the only one raising the temperature, so travel smart. Carry loads of sunscreen and make sure you really lather it on. Sunglasses and a sunhat are more than just a fashion accessory when you’re down south. Another add-on would be mosquito repellent cream. Rameswaram is blessed with plenty of greenery which means plenty of mosquitoes. Stay safe and protected. Psst: Also, make sure you stay hydrated. 

Sunglasses, Sunscreen and Sunhat
Travel essentials for a trip to Rameswaram

2. Comfortable Clothes

Rameswaram, much like the rest of South India is hot and humid. Carry loads of cotton clothes. Think long, flowy dresses in light colours. Linen pants are also great to beat the heat. They do get rather crumpled though so if you’re not one to bother about a few creases, then linen should be your material of choice.


What To Wear
What To Pack

3. Travel Far. Travel Smart

Rameswaram is quite a distance away from both Madurai airport and the railway station. So whatever your mode of transport to Rameswaran (train or car), make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Carry a handbag that’s equipped with wet wipes, dry tissues, hand sanitizer, granola bars and the works. If you’re driving down, don’t forget to try the nariyal paani from a local stall. ALWAYS carry a camera. You have to take the Pamban Bridge to reach Rameswaram. You’ll pass waters so blue that you won’t be able to think of a colour to name it. Click loads of pics like the one below. They’ll make for some great Insta pics and FB posts.

Pamban Bridge- South India
Pamban Bridge as seen from the train

4. Temple Talk

Rameswaram is a city seeped in history and temples. You’ll get to visit plenty of beautiful temples along the way. Dress appropriately to a place of worship. Carry a scarf with you so you can wrap it around your head or shoulders. Another hack would be to carry a longer ‘stole’ of sorts. If you’re wearing shorts or a dress, simply drape the stole around your legs like a skirt. A stole is light, easy to carry and makes for a great travel hack.

Rameswaram Temple

We know you’ll love Rameswaram. We also know you’ll love it a lot more with these handy hacks. You’re welcome guys.

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