Turkey Will Now Be Called ‘Turkiye’ & Here’s Why!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Turkey Will Now Be Called ‘Turkiye’ & Here’s Why!

What’s in a name you ask, well a lot, as a name represents your heritage, your culture and history. It helps you stand apart from the crowd, creating a distinct identity for yourself. Well, this not just applies to people, but names of places as well. Taking this initiative forward, Turkey will now be known as “Turkiye”. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made an announcement on the name change of the country in early December. The country’s globally recognised name will be Turkiye and this will be reflected in how the public and foreign address the nation. Read on to know why this decision was taken.

Why Turkey Changed Its Name To Turkiye?

The country Turkey will no longer share its name with the popular Thanksgiving traditional bird. The Turkish President stated that the new name Turkiye will accurately represent the culture, civilization and values of the Turkish country in the best way possible. You can expect “Made in Turkiye” in all of the nation’s exports, the country’s tourism and government websites. In fact, the tourism website is already known as GoTurkiye.com. Turkiye is known as Turkey in the Turkish language, so the nation wants to carry forward its traditional name on a global stage.

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Countries That Changed Names

According to a report by Afar, the name-change decision may also have been taken to distance the nation from the bird name that’s seen on American tables during Thanksgiving. While locally, the Turks don’t seem to care as they have also called their country Turkiye in their language. But in English translations, it was continued to be known as Turkey. So now, gear up to call the nation Turkiye. Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time country has changed its name, in 2020, the Netherlands dropped the use of its popular name, Holland, to stop the confusion of having two distinct names. In 2018, Swaziland changed its name to Eswatini that translates to “place of the Swazis”  in the local language.  Meanwhile, here are some delicious Turkish foods that you must try.