Twitter User Shares A Beautiful Spring Time Video Of Hyderabad Airport Road & It’s Dreamy

by Shreya Rathod
Twitter User Shares A Beautiful Spring Time Video Of Hyderabad Airport Road & It’s Dreamy

Increasing population and industrialisation led to an increase in urbanisation. There was a massive shift in population from rural areas to urban cities. This led to an increase in the concrete jungle and loss of greenery in cities. Today, there is a scarcity of trees and greenery and the rate of pollution is increasing. But, not in Hyderabad city! This city has emerged as the green city of India. And you can see it in this video shared by a Twitter user.

Hyderabad Airport Road’s Greenery

A Twitter user, Neha, posted a video of the scenery through the approach road to the Hyderabad airport. The caption states that the Hyderabad airport road in spring is beautiful. You can see the greenery at the side of the road mixed with yellow and pink colours. Moreover, the aviation and logistics department of the Hyderabad airport has replied to this tweet. RIGA Hyderabad takes a lot of effort to make its surrounding greener and more sustainable. They thanked the Twitter user for mentioning them.

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The Green City Of India

The city has bagged awards for being one of the greenest cities. During the eighties and nineties, there was a plantation drive throughout the city. This resulted in the increase of trees — especially, the trumpet trees. The state also showcased a flagship programme — a large-scale tree plantation drive. According to the data collected by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the forest-covered areas have increased in Hyderabad.

The city conducted various projects including Roadside Multi Layered Avenue plantations, Greenery on Road Central Median, Tank bund plantation, Urban parks, Urban Forest area Block Plantations, Colony/Street Plantations, Institutional Plantations, Vertical Garden, Block Plantations, Landscape Gardens and Rain Garden.

Earth’s sustainability is based on the number of trees planted. It is important for the quality of life and climate resilience. Moreover, the risk of global warming is reduced due to the increase in the number of trees planted. And you can enjoy a quality of life in areas surrounded by trees.

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What are your thoughts about green cities? And if you live in Hyderabad, share your experience of living in the green city.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dr Andrew Fleming & Neha/Twitter