Twitter User Shares Awe-Striking Pics Of Flamingos In Mumbai’s Lokhandwala Creek!

by Shreya Rathod
Twitter User Shares Awe-Striking Pics Of Flamingos In Mumbai’s Lokhandwala Creek!

Do you remember watching reports of flocks of pinkish flamingos, migrating to various parts of the world? Well, we have one in Mumbai too! Flamingos are waders with slender legs, large wings, graceful necks and short tails. And they live along the mounds of mud along waterways. These migrating birds have been spotted at the Lokhandwala Creek in Mumbai’s Versova. 

Twitter User Shares Gorgeous Images Of Flamingos!

A Twitter user AJAY SONEJI has posted beautiful images of migratory flamingos. And that too in Mumbai! Amidst the bustling city, there are rare times that we get to see such beautiful sites. And with the increasing concrete jungle filled with buildings, getting a glimpse of flora and fauna is difficult! These images were captured from Lokhandwala bridge atop the creek during a low tide. Moreover, Ajay Soneji was blessed with the sight of Stilt birds and sandpipers along with flamingos. In addition to the pictures, there is a video that shows flamingos 

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Mumbai’s Versova Is Blessed With Nature

Besides being an upscale neighbourhood, Versova in Mumbai offers a breathtaking view of the sunset, swimmable waters, and fishing boats and is home to the Koli community. The area was under Portuguese influence and you can notice this in the churches. The area is surrounded by mangroves and different kinds of marine life. The beach was choked with plastic trash, but with collective efforts, most of it was cleaned. This was followed by the return of Olive Ridley sea turtles. 

In addition to this, the place has several attractions and activities to look forward to. You can visit Madh Island and Versova Fort — two prime attractions. And of course, the Versova beach offers a great sunset view and is perfect for photographers to click pictures. You can even go cycling along the beach or try horse riding. Not to forget the abundant water sports activities that you can try! 

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This beach-side area of Mumbai is one of the rare places where you can spot birds. What do you think about these gorgeous images? Have you noticed any birds near the coastline of the city?

Cover Image Courtesy: AJAY SONEJI/ Twitter